Staging to Sell...

The way you live in your home is not how you sell your home.  Staging is not decorating. Buying a home is emotional for most people.  We will use your existing furnishings to create a welcoming environment for potential buyers.  Emphasizing your homes positives and downplaying any negatives, will leave a good impression on what your property has to offer.     It is so important to present your property in it's best possible light to buyers!  You want them to remember your house for it's beauty marks- not it's warts!  All things being equal, ie: price, location, size...buyers will choose the home that shows a proper use of the space and feels welcoming.   

Styling to Live​...

​Styling to live is the process of using your existing furniture and possessions to create  a space that your family is comfortable and happy in.  Morph will help you make your home a place that works for your lifestyle.  Styling to live let's us be personal in your tastes and styles.  It's all about your family and how you live in your home!  


Feeling overwhelmed in your stuff​?  Been meaning to clear out that desk?  Tidy that bookshelf?   We can help!   Call for information.  Organization times can vary in length and price depending on the size of the job.  Contact us... we can work with most situations and budgets.

Occupied Staging and Styling...Organizing too!

 Basic  Consultation $200...Our specialty

The consultation is a fun interactive walk through of the house that gives you an objective "buyers perspective" of the property.   Popular with the homeowner/real estate agent who wants to know what to do to get a property in top form.  This first step is best done prior to picture taking and listing. 

  • Starting with the exterior curb appeal, you will get tips for keeping your house from being a "drive by".  Get buyers in the front door.
  • During the consult we will walk through the house creating a detailed staging checklist and discuss optimal, large return-on-investment, emotional staging strategies that are designed to connect with your buyers.  This list may include repairs, painting, furniture placement, cleaning, etc.  You are given all the details that will help create the best possible presentation of the property.  It is up to the client to follow through with the projects suggested. 
  • Client will also receive my essential "Open House Checklist" and "Closet Organization Checklist" 

Payment due immediately upon completion of appointment.

  Half Day Staging/Redesign  $400  

  This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves and physically staging the main areas of the home based upon the Staging Report recommendations. 

  • We will transform your major spaces, using what you have, to make the most of each space!
  • I will bring in on trend staging accessories so you can see the potential of each space and have higher impact photos for the MLS
  • We will work for up to 4 hours in the home 

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(Up to four hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a  hourly rate)

*  Please note that any furniture or accessory rentals are not included in the above plans.  Any rentals are extra.*

Estate Staging...Transitioning of living situation to retirement, downsizing, assisted living, etc

Do you have a family member who is moving from their home to start another chapter of their life?   We  personally have transitioned several family members of our own from their homes to retirement, senior apartments, nursing homes and assisted living,  we understand the stress and logistics of that. We also empathize with the financial aspect of it!  Its easy to just want to sell the current house as is, as quick as possible.  But what if a fixed up version of that house can bring more money to fund the next chapter?!  Morph can help you do just that, by  identifying necessary repairs, updates and styling to bring the best possible return of investment on the home, which in turn keeps money in your loved ones pockets for their next chapter.  

Styling/staging vacant properties

Staging statistics say that only one in ten people can visualize an empty property's potential.  That statistic can eliminate 90% of potential buyers

​Call for info 847-276-1701

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(A $100 initial home assessment fee is credited back to your total vacant service when you choose us)

Staging Facts...

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